Discovering God’s Not So Lost Treasure


A few years ago, a Treasure Hunter discovered a huge stash of ancient coins buried in a field in southwest England. Using a metal detector, he located a large chest holding 52,000 coins. These ancient silver and bronze coins dated from the third century AD, and weighed more than 350 pounds.  They were valued at $5,000,000. While this kind of treasure may cause us to dream about somehow finding similar riches, we as Christians should be on a different kind of treasure hunt. What we seek does not consist of silver and gold. Rather our quest is to gather the precious gems or wealth that comes from a full knowledge of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

The Bible is God’s Word to the world. It is God’s treasure chest. If we are to find God’s treasure we must find Jesus. The surest place to find Jesus is in the Bible. As we get to know Jesus we will discover the hidden treasure of God. If we are to truly get to know Jesus we must be immersed in His Word, and be led His Spirit. This year at Mt. Palomar Bible Camp, we will discover the treasure that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Treasure-Youth Camp 2018 Theme