Bible Camp is almost here again! As camp nurses, our focus is preventing and treating minor problems that may interfere with the camper’s ability to devote him or her self to Bible study, learning and camp activities. 

During this very active week, we want to make sure that each camper is feeling his/her best. Adequate food and fluid intake are essential to feeling strong and ready for each day. Camp is not the time to try out a strict diet or to lose a few pounds and, therefore, will be discouraged. Junk food and heavy snacking will also be discouraged. We will encourage healthy eating and clean living spaces, and the campers will be responsible for keeping their cabins and bathrooms in good order. Preventing germs from growing or spreading is the best way to stay healthy. 

As camp nurses, it is our responsibility to dispense any medications that the camper may need. It is the camp policy to store ALL prescription and non-prescription medicines in the nurse’s cabin, keeping them out of camper cabins. Each camper requiring medicine will come to the nurse’s cabin daily and will not be allowed to keep any medicine in his/her cabin or on his/her person, with the exception of bee sting kits and emergency asthma inhalers. 

Please follow these rules for the safety of your child:

  • All prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy container with your child’s name and the correct instructions for dosing printed on the container.
  • Bring a doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s signed statement for the medication – this allows us to give your child the medicine under State Law.
  • “Over-the counter” medications sent with your child for use on an occasional basis must be in the original containers, with instructions for dispensing included.

We have a supply of a few medications needed for occasional basis dispensing. Dosages used are those suggested by the manufacturer as labeled according to the camper’s age and weight. Sometimes “home” remedies such as peroxide, ammonia, salt, vinegar (for various scrapes and ‘critter’ related incidents}, prunes/fruit (for constipation) and Gatorade (for early dehydration) are the best remedies, and we will have a supply of these items at camp. Alcohol and bleach will be used to clean or disinfect surfaces or equipment that require it. Please keep all items in mind when you are recording allergies or considering the section for “occasional” medications.

Many minor ills can be taken care of at camp and every effort will be made to ensure your child’s safety and good health while at camp. If a child’s safety or welfare is thought to be at risk, the child’s parent will be notified and the camper will be sent home or to the nearest emergency room accompanied by an adult/parent. If a child is thought to be contagious, he/she will be sent home for the welfare of all campers. 

For the safety of each child, we require a picture of the camper, with his/her name and nickname written on it, attached to the ‘Authorization for Treatment’ on the Medical Release Form. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in all of these medical matters.

In Christ’s service, Mt. Palomar Camp Nurses