Our goal is to provide a safe Christian environment for all campers.  Below is a list of rules that we must enforce to protect our campers and maintain our high standards.  Parents – please review these rules with your child.  Parents and campers must sign, indicating the camper’s commitment to live by these rules while at Mt. Palomar Bible Camp.

  1. Males may not enter female cabins and females may not enter male cabins.  
  2. Campers may not leave their cabins earlier than 7:30 A.M.
  3. Absolutely no lighters, matches, or any other fire-producing devices will be permitted at camp.
  4. You may not reassign other campers to others beds or dorm rooms.  Other campers’ possessions, including bedding, are completely off limits.
  5. You may not leave the camp for any reason without the expressed permission of the Camp Director.  This includes for hikes that are not organized by staff.
  6. All campers must attend all organized activities. 
  7. Displays of affection beyond handholding will not be permitted.
  8. Swimsuits may not be worn other than to, from and in the swimming pool.  Campers must cover-up while walking to and from the pool area.
  9. Modest clothes are required.   Shorts should fall on the lower half of your thighs.   Bare midriffs are unacceptable.  To prevent undergarments from being exposed, tank top straps should be 1.5 inches wide and pants must be secured around the waist or hips.  Camp staff reserves the right to request that campers promptly change their clothes if campers are not dressed modestly.  Please see the “Dress Standards” letter in the information packet for more details.
  10. Electronic devices including radios, CD players, iPods, Game Boys, laptops, etc. are not allowed. 
  11. Tobacco, drug or alcohol use will not be tolerated and will require the camper be sent home. 
  12. No knives (including pocket knives) or weapons of any kind are allowed.  Violation will mean the camper may be sent home.
  13. If staff must speak with a camper multiple times about behavior that is not in line with camp standards and/or is a disruption to camp, that camper can be sent home at the discretion of the Camp Director(s).